sâmbătă, 4 august 2012

Münich subways

There is a place at the outskirts of Münich, where gypsy musicians from Romania are sleeping. During the day they fill with music Münich streets, and in the night time they find their silence in underground. They are almost 30. Good friends, some of them know each other since they were kids, comming from different or the same villages. They sing since ever. They earn money this way and they send to families in Romania. Some of  have the wifes with them in the underground, and some of them hardly can see the family twice a year. They got used with this fight. During wintertime it's so freezing outside,  and they keep singing on the streets, old songs from romanian folclor, old romanian gypsy music and some commercial and well known songs like "love story" etc :). They all are full of life. It was a cold evening of March, I went there, filmmed and photograph them, eat and drink all together. Everything turned to a nice midnight concert in Münich undergrounds, when normal and perfect people were sleeping and snoring in luxurious appartments.