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A few years ago I had the great opportunity to work with a Panavision team based in Bucharest, Romania. They gave the chance to the Art University students to experience a day with the beautiful Phantom Flex, CineMag II. We all had a fantastic day experience and playing with high-speed technology.
The Pantom Flex is one of the most advanced digital high-speed camera ever created. The Flex model offers amazing flexibillity for all high-speed digital image capture as well offering a great image stability. On top the low noise feature and the higherdynamic range makes this model a great value on the technology market. As well one great fact about this model is that has a block of solid state memory which sits on top of the Phantom camera body. This block is called CineMag. The CineMag is used to safetly store the data, allowing quick turn over between shots and eliminating the download times other high-speed cameras get which ussualy rely on a shot by shot download method this way resulting longer camera down times.

Me and my sister Mihaela Nazarie

The HQ Mode that Flex model captures images at speeds up to 1,275 fps is at 1920x1080 or 2,640 at 1280x720, bringing the ISO to 800 at 25fps/ 180 shutter. This great feature makes the Flex the most sensitive high-speed camera on the market.

The Phantom HD Cameras make a great team with the Cinebot robotic arm. Together, these two amazing toys are capable of breathtaking images, creating motion in high-speed as well in high quality.
See below:

Cinebot robotic arm + Phantom

It's magic, right? I know it is. This is my dream equipment.I would spend my whole life capturing all in slow-motion. By the way, slow-motion was invented by the Austrian priest August Mugser in the early 20th century. He invented this tecnique using a mirrored drumas a synchronising mechanism. He patented his device in 1904 and presented it in Graz in 1907.

August Musger
(February 10, 1868 - October 30, 1929)
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