Elena Nazare is a world traveller artist capturing life around the globe.
Passionate about painting, attends "George Apostu High School of Art" in Bacau, Romania, being National Olympic at painting in 2003.

At the age of 15 she received a Zenit photo camera from her father. As a student at High School of Arts she developed the taste for image, starting to capture images from as many of the places she loved. The best professor was her father who explained her how the camera works.

Between 2005 - 2010 she participate in group exhibitions at the Art Gallery in Bacau, Romania.

In 2008 Elena graduated the National Art University of Bucharest Nicolae Grigorescu.  While she studied painting she discovered a burning passion for film, so after graduating the University, she enrolled herself into the Film University Hyperion, Bucharest Romania. The year of 2008 brings her a prize at the video section in a national contest, which makes her go further.

In academic year of 2010 she directed the documentary film "You can make a difference" , which was selected and awarded at the Festival of Film, Galati, Romania, "Future Movie."

2011 brings her a collaboration with French producer and director Barbara Safarova, being a part of a documentary about Eugene Hutz, Gogol Bordello frontman. Also in 2011 she began a laborious project about the life of the first and only romanian cosmonaut Dorin Dumitru Prunariu.

In 2013 she released the documentary movie "Exil, a talk from Paul Hitter", the project being the work of almost 3 years (2010-2013). The documentary is about the romanian artist Paul Hitter who lives an immigrant life in the west. The gipsy culture, gipsy people, are an inspiration for his art. The movie is a countinous journey of his life, showing us the problems which the artist is confronting to live a normal life, trying to survive as a second hand citizen in Münich, Germany.

As well, in 2013 she creates a film presentation for NOBEL Telecom. NOBEL is a market leader in the global telecommunications industry. 

In May, 2013 she starts to work for Carnival Cruise Lines, as an Entertainment Technician onboard vessels. This experience brings her a lot of joy working as a tech on the seven seas and seeing the world in the same time. 

"Well I really believe there are things nobody would see if I didn't capture them. The most I like is the fact that art is like a second chance to life, an open door to my mind and senses. It's a way to escape and in the same time to transfer the energy into images that will live forever. Art is immortality."

​Currentlly Elena Nazare travels the world and captures the beauty of our planet everyday of her life.


    Elena and her father, Mihai