luni, 12 septembrie 2011

You can make the difference

The movie shows us a world that many do not know about it, that many ignore it, a world that belongs to some black rules created by the society which we live in, rules arised from the insticnt of survival. Every day on the streets we see children who beg, we see shattered destinies, we see how some of them will never find the place called „home". At the outskirts of Bucharest where miracles happen, a special person has chosen to change this, setting an extraordinary example of humanity through founding an association where she manages to gather from the streets, a fairly large number of children, of which she cares, dress, feeds and send them to school. It s an example against discrimination, these children being now fondly regarded by people. Some of them want to become painters, some want to become football players, a girl wants to become a ballerina. Coming from families with very difficult situations, they are being reintegrated with many efforts, children that were once silent, scared, suffering from lack of affection and trust. The Association has given them back the childhood once lost in the disintegration of the human being, which the society does not offer any support.

Director - Elena Nazare
Second Director - Mihaela Nazarie

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